Let the Data Experts Acquire, Manage, & Deliver the Details You Need

Audit & Onboarding

Mechanized data acquisition is great; once it's set up and running.   But what about the period before you acquire your client?   Or anytime that you need to convert PDF invoices quickly into data that can be analyzed and easily formatted into other data types?

Receive & Manage

Acquiring and managing invoice data and managing it efficiently; whether it be paper, portal downloaded, or EDI - requires a well thought out methodology and highly mechanized process. Why handle it "in house" when you you can outsource the task to us...

Convert & Translate

Converting raw billing data would be really simple...were it not for the fact that the data formats change.  All the time.  And then you have all those codes to decipher.  And all the file formats that you must to contend with. Well, we've cracked the code - pun intended... 

Data Delivery & Feeds

Data becomes exponentially more powerful and useful when it feeds other business processes and systems. We believe that with better information, you can make better, faster, and more informed decisions.   Whoever first said "data is king", definitely wasn't wrong...

“InvoiceIQ provides electronic invoice management solutions to Technology Expense Management (TEM) Service & Software Providers, Telecom Agents, and Consulting firms;  for the ultimate benefit of their enterprise and government clients.”

Turn-key solutions combining:

  • Highly Scalable, Large Volume, Invoice Management
  • Invoice Ordering & Tracking
  • File Receipt & Compliance
  • End to End Status Reporting