Dating back over 20 years of experience for each of our principals; the InvoiceIQ team brings experiences as professionals in Telecom Service Provider companies, Software as a Service (SaaS) application providers, and Technology Expense Management (TEM). Through those years, this team has held leadership roles in both large to medium business entities and small startup firms.  

InvoiceIQ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Source Loop LLC.  Starting with the founding of Source Loop in 2004, the many prior years of sourcing, auditing, data conversion, and analysis experiences have been imparted into InvoiceIQ's products.   InvoiceIQ was launched in 2006 to answer the challenge of managing billions of dollars worth of invoice data into meaningful information that companies can then in-turn, provide to their end-clients.

In 2015 Source Loop was re-branded as Cloud Age Solutions; to reflect the evolution of networking and computing into the "cloud age".  Cloud Age Solutions provides consulting and SaaS solutions particularly targeted for System Integrators, Agents, Business Process Management (BPM) Firms, Technology Expense Management (TEM) Companies, Small Service Providers, and other related technology support services.

The eco-system of Source Loop, InvoiceIQ, and Cloud Age Solutions supports the full lifecycle of requirements for businesses that need information and data to support their end user customers.

We are a seasoned team of telecom invoice domain experts with significant experience:

  • Designing and Building automated invoice management platforms
  • Managing invoice Ordering, Receipt and Translation process handling over 100,000 electronic invoices per month from over 75 trading partners.
  • Experienced development team with background in creating EDI mapping \ translation tools and web tracking applications
  • Experienced TEM management with extensive understanding of Telecom Service Composition Partners and EDI / Vendor Proprietary Invoice Formats

We deliver turn-key solutions combining:

  • Scalable electronic invoice management approach
  • Invoice translation platform converting EDI and Vendor Proprietary into custom files
  • Web based tracking tool supporting the Ordering, Receipt and Conversion processes