The process of acquiring and managing invoice and other data sets for loading, analysis, processing, auditing and coding - simply put, is no small task.   The process can be resource intensive, and can provide a programming burden on technical resources that is never-ending.  Our service allows your firm to outsource this tedious task - and focus on your core competencies.

The services listed below outline some of the many tasks that you can outsource to InvoiceIQ...


  • Automated File Receipt & Tracking
  • Secure, reliable data transmission to/from all major trading partners
  • End-to-End tracking and reporting of transmissions into and out of the file processing gateway
  • Proactive trouble reporting and file exception management
  • Full visibility into all aspects of process


  • Numerous formats for trading partner formats supported:  EDI, File Download, PDF, Paper
  • Files logged and archived
  • Compliance EDI 997s acknowledgements sent to trading partners
  • Physical media logging