In an age where almost all data is available electronically, you may often be disappointed to realize that the availability of such data to your end client or prospect, may not be what you hope or expect.   With our PDF translation capabilities, we can help you in key areas of your business processes when other data-rich resources are not available.  

We provide a painless and time-saving alternative:

  • Conversion of "machine readable" PDF formats to our "UNIbill" standard output
  • Ad hoc and on the fly - not required to be part of your standard production volume
  • Output can be easily uploaded into your own application or formated for efficient data analysis
  • PDF data turnaround typically withing 24 - 48 hours

As we see it, the three areas below can receive significant benefit from this service option:


How do you go about determining if your prospect is a good fit for your business?   Typically, most service providers, agents, and Technology Expense Management firms will review a few of their prospect's invoices as a basis to determine the fit.   Just one little problem, there may not be an ability to pull directly from an electronic format invoice data source (or at least not in an efficient time-frame). 

Therefore, you may be dealing with PDF invoice formats from your prospect as a basis for initial analysis.   This often results in hand keying of information; an expensive and time-consuming proposition.   Our ad-hoc, data analysis on demand service option can be a great alternative to manual data reviewing and keying.


The time from contract signature to "go live" can be a very lengthy period when you must rely on your client to help obtain information for telephone number porting, invoice / inventory data loading, and any other change or transition that requires customer data input.  

This lag time equates to a longer time to revenue.   Wouldn't it be great if you could get the data needed far sooner, more accurately, and in a format that you can easily load into your own system(s)?   This PDF translation service can also be helpful here.


When a prospect or new client requests that you audit their data against contracts, billing errors and inventory data, you may not have access to highly detailed resources such as EDI (typically not on "Day 1" and on the fly), so the PDF translation service can allow you to get data to review, and in an electronic format - to hit the ground running.   The faster the results, the higher the customer satisfaction and client Return on Investment.